Having spent a great number of years trading bitcoin derivatives, The Platoon was organized by CR as a way to share the experience and passion behind Cryptopocalypse Now and the community. The Platoon is a VIP service. It’s designed to accommodate traders that are looking for cleaner, more personal trading setups that would otherwise require a significant amount of time and effort for you to identify individually – anyone who tells you that you can spend 2 hours a day trading for a living is not telling you the whole truth. It’s all hard work and doing it together as a team simplifies the process across the board.

Trading demands more of your attention than any other full-time job.

Whereas executing a trade is simple, scanning the charts for profitable opportunities daily, especially when considering that markets are only trending for about 20% of their lifetime, is not.

Together, we find those opportunities on the charts and share them with you when available. All of the energy is focused on bringing you the best chances to profit from this potent, volatile market.

We're are a family ~ it's easy to see that our value derives from being prudent and transparent -
as any premium group should be. But The Platoon is not just any group - serving, guiding and
educating you on the path to profitability during these opportune times in crypto markets is what sets us apart from others that are merely looking to profit themselves in the short-term.

Join us today and enjoy the movement. You will have access to key tools such as our PerfectTrade position calculator, exclusive access to MarketSpy Trading Signals alerts and more. We’re interested in building an attractive portfolio for anyone that’s part of our community here and we invite you to grow together with Cryptopocalypse Now – the new kid on the block making waves with MarketSpy TradingSuite and now – The Platoon.